Jul. 26th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Okay, I just noticed this... Catseye said she was going to go out into the woods earlier and I haven't seen her since. I mean, I'm wandering around right now and haven't run into her.

Just a heads up so no one freaks out about her being AWOL. She can take care of herself, and I think she needs to have some space after the cat thing today.

Just a heads up, I guess.
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I don't know if this is normal or not, but for those interested in a free concert, Crystal is totally belting out ABBA in the rec room.

ABBA of all the damn things. Why would anyone willingly sing anything by ABBA?


Jul. 18th, 2009 02:02 pm
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Angelo, Jake and I are in the rec room educating Jake in the glory of Robot Wars. Feel free to join us.

Bring snacks. Well, snacks for Jake and Angelo. I brought my own.

Don't eat my snacks.
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Last night I:

Studied for that damn G.E.D.
Got a French girl to talk about her lawn.
Crashed a party.
Ate a Sharpie.
Ate some other junk.
Drew on Jake's face.
Drank a lot - felt nothing.
Watched drunk people make fools of themselves. (Always a good time.)
Stole Jake's couch.

Oh - I don't know where it ended up, but somewhere there there's a copy of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac I brought for Illyana to read. If someone finds it, pass it along.

And today, hand to hand training with Logan starts up again. I will hurt, but it will be good!

Oh so good.
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Okay. Not even sure how to start this, but yeah. There's a lot of stuff going on right now and my shit seems pretty minor in comparison, but I guess you can say getting stabbed (again) gives you some time to wonder about stuff. And this time, it was a broken beer bottle that was the culprit. And from what I remember? It wasn't even my fault.

Anyway, I guess you could say the question is 'What do I do now?' It's kinda up there with 'who am I?' And I guess both are pretty valid questions. I mean, I had a pretty good idea of what I was, a punk, a runaway, a killer and a thief. Though to be honest, the killing thing is always accidental.

Then, not too long ago, my birth mom shows up out of the blue and says that's exactly what she's always wanted me to be. I have to admit it was as funny as hell that she was all upset when I wasn't 'happy' about all her cracked ideas. I got another name out of it too, I've looked the damn thing up on baby naming sites and haven't been able to come up with anything for it.

So, among the smarter of you, any of you have any idea what 'Thanasee' means?

And I need to find better ways to spend my time. Apparently the hanging out in bars and watching drunks make idiots of themselves isn't going to work anymore. Which sucks, because I like dingy biker bars and idiots. But then some moron had to go and shove a glass bottle in my tits.

So yeah, I need a new hobby. I'll take suggestions and it better not be anything stupid like shuffle board or curling.

Also, I've been thinking about taking the GED tests and after that maybe trying my hand at college, but I'm seriously lost as to what I'd be any good at. Science is right out of the question, it's always bored the hell out of me.

Other than that, I'm clueless. Fuck, I don't even know if I could pass the GED test.

That's all I had. Other than I hope no one else here gets to be stabbed by a broken bottle. It hurt. The only highlight of that has been bleeding all over Jake. Who I'm sure liked it, because I bet he's freaky like that.

And this was too freaking long.
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This... this is the best game ever.

Stupid Madagascar though never submits!

But either way, I totally wiped out almost all the world.
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It's amazing how quiet this place is when everyone's getting drunk at the boathouse. Hey Lil, if it wasn't so predictable now would be a great time to do that thing I'm not supposed to. 'Cept that be too predictable.

In other news, next time I'm working at the clothing store if I catch that girl who keeps coming in and thinks she's good at shoplifting I'm going to drag her out back and beat her senseless. So if I end up in jail anytime soon, that's why. She's not even good at it. It's funny when she doesn't even notice me taking the stuff right back out of her bag.
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I was watching this show on the History Channel the other night and it was about Aliens coming in contact with ancient cultures.

And one of the guys went on and on and on about how this explained mutants. Like us having alien DNA or something.

I think I'm going to use this to start a cult.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 12:45 pm
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I don't know why this is so amusing, but it is. Almost as good as watching the movie itself.

I need more things to do with my time.


Feb. 16th, 2009 01:26 pm
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Someone left me a box of clothes. Who is the clothing ninja I thank/pay for this?

And uh, thanks? I mean, I did need pants and stuff. And it all fits and junk.

Ahh whatever. I'm going to go get a sammwhich.

Thanks and stuff.
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Just 'bout everyone's gone to the club thing and what do I do?

I fix up a sign for my room.

This will now be gracing my door. Ph34r my awesome powers! ...Or the power of white out and a green sharpie, but it works.

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Okay, I have forty dollars (setting twenty aside) and I'm tired of only having three shirts and one pair of pants. Is there a goodwill in this town or anything?
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All this reading has me wondering... how prepared is anyone for the eventual Zombie plague?

And Fight Club the book is almost as good as Fight Club the movie.
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So I might as well give this a try.

Hi. I'm Cammie. I'm kind of living in the medlab while this hole in my side heals, but hopefully I won't be stuck in this part of this place much longer.

It's too much like a hospital in here for my tastes but since none of you want me bleeding anywhere I'll deal. And it's kind of boring, so I've been amusing myself with YouTube, but I think I've run out of viral videos.

So, I'm 19 and yes, I like to drink drain cleaner. Though it's not as good as say, anti-freeze. And styrofoam is a great bubble gum substitute.

And I don't like being touched, most times. Personal reasons, but trust me, chances are you don't want to go there.


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